About Sentral Tax & Services

Sentral Tax & Services was formed to provide accounting, tax, business services to individuals,  businesses and non-profit organizations.

We are your trusted local tax and financial solution provider. Through continuous education and industry updates, meticulous attention to detail, staying on top of changing tax laws and regulations, we strive with a commitment to deliver exceptional values and a peace of mind to our clients.

The mission of our practice is to empower individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations with strategic tax and business solutions that optimize their financial health and foster sustainable growth.


These are the core values that define Sentral Tax & Services and our people:

1. Always be ready to listen to our clients’ concerns and objectives 

2. Navigating financial landscape with knowledge and be eager to problem-solving

3. Go above and beyond to satisfy unique needs of every client

4. Commit to delivering comprehensive solutions that address immediate needs and align with clients’ long term goals

5. Making meaningful impacts to our clients

About Me

Greetings, I’m delighted to introduce myself. My name is Thy Nguyen, an accountant based in Houston, Texas. With a robust background in public accounting conducting audits and tax preparation, I thrive in dynamic environment where attention to detail and knowledge of reporting standards are paramount. During my professional career, I worked for Big 4 accounting firm and other mid-sized firms. I have served clients in telecommunication, consumer products & services, non-profit associations and wealth asset management.
My expertise extends to financial and tax reporting for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. My passion lies in going above and beyond to satisfy unique needs of each client. Understanding that every individual and business has distinct financial objectives and challenges, I approach each client with a commitment to personalized attention and tailored solutions. 
Listening to my clients’ concerns and objectives, I am driven by delivering comprehensive time-saving and effective solutions that address my client immediate needs while also aligning with their long term goals. My dedication to client satisfaction drives me to continue staying on top of industry developments, regulations and best practices, ensuring that my clients receive highest level of services and expertise.
At Sentral Tax, we foster strong client relationships built on trust and reliability and thrive on the opportunity to build meaningful impact. We look forward to opportunity to serve you and be your trusted advisor in your financial success.