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Because tax laws change all the time, it makes filing tax returns complicated for most of everyone. Knowing all those laws can make anyone’s head spin. Tax preparers are responsible for completing, preparing and filing tax returns on behalf of individuals and businesses.

Hiring a pro is a prudent choice after a major life change like getting married or divorced, having a baby, buying or selling a home or business, experiencing a major health issue, or retiring. 

Paying a tax professional is also wise if you now receive income from many different sources, have investment losses you need help dealing with, received an inheritance, or settled an estate. 

Choosing the right tax professional is vital. At Sentral Tax & Services, we are committed to being your trusted e-filer that will help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.


How we serve you

You will be contacted by one of our tax professionals to discuss your situation and the deductions you are entitled for. We will request the needed information in order to prepare your tax return.

Your tax return will be checked by our professional and computer software to identify any potential inconsistencies or problems the IRS may look at. We will then fix the tax return so that it is best prepared. Your tax return will be electronically filed and you can get a refund back quicker.

We get your tax done with confidence.

  • Personal tax returns
  • Business and not-for-profit tax returns
  • Utilize your credits and deductions the best
  • Get informed of your return status


We use latest technology in every process. We choose our tax preparation technology based on efficiency and quality.


 Our businesses are built around client's needs. We focuses on building client support and best solutions. 


We ensure resources are guided by our people reflecting the human understanding while building trust.

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